The News Spy is an auto trading software that is equipped with advanced technologies and complex computer algorithms. This robot is highly accurate and automated. This trading software offers the best trading strategies in the industry with the highest winning rate.

Nowadays investors are attracting online trading software to make money through cryptocurrency. The trading software sometimes befools the investors by advertising false images of the software that one can become a billionaire through this application. To save investors from these scams we have done a quick review of The News Spy trading software.

This review gives you insights into The News Spy and we will make you aware of all the facts and features of this software. We will share some tips for beginners. Stay with us and keep reading this review.

What is The News Spy?

This software is said to be an online tool that derives trading insights from big data.  The News Spy works in such a way that when data is collected and analyzed, the experts on the platform relay the information to the members in a very simple way that even newbies can easily understand.

This robot is said to be one of the most advanced news trading tools today. The reviews we have come across indicate that it has a win rate of above 80%. Even though this robot appears to be an excellent option, it does come with risks. Consequently, traders should take extra precautions when using it. It is unwise to trade with an amount you cannot afford to lose.

How does the News Spy App work?

As an automated trading system, The News Spy’s purpose is to place trades automatically for you. It allows you to sit back while the software does all the hard work of analysing the market and then placing trades in complete automation.

Its level of earnings is reportedly similar to robots like the Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Loophole. The only thing you are required to do for it to function is to decide on the trading settings, which include daily stop loss, maximum trade amount, maximum profits per day, the amount invested for each trade, and so on.

After the settings, you can initiate auto-trading and the software will connect to a broker and channel your funds through it.

Opening a News Spy Account – Step by Step

Signing up is quite easy and can be done in minutes. To sign-up, follow the steps below.

STEP ONE: Registration

The registration form can be found on the homepage. To sign up, you’ll need the following details i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email address, Password, and Phone number. Upon successful registration, your details will be registered in the software’s database. Upon login, the software will be available to you for use – free of costs and fees which can be used for a demo.

STEP TWO: Deposit

To begin active trading, the user has to make a deposit of at least $250. A deposit can be made through the various channels made available on the site.

Step 3: Demo trading

As a newbie in trading, it is advisable to do a demo trading before trading fully as this would enable the user to acquire enough experience and adaptability to the automated trading system interface.

Step 4: Trading

To start trading after funds have been deposited and all necessary settings have been made on the account, the trader should click the “Trade” on his exclusive account on the News Spy software. Thereafter, he/she can search for various tips and tricks in trading using the robot. However, this can also be done manually outside the software.


Note: If you are not certain whether or not you wish to trade on this platform with real funds right away, make sure you try a demo account first. It is completely free of charge, all you have to do is register first and then you can access the demo mode. Check it out on this link.



The best choice88% Claimed Win Rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Credit Card


The News Spy: Key Features


News Spy promises users that they will make a profit of at least 10% a day when trading with this robot. However, this may not be the case for everyone. Some users have reported experiencing losses.  While there is a likelihood of making a good return with this robot, it is not guaranteed

Verification System

If you are worried about having to provide a whole lot of documentation, don’t be. After you have registered by providing a full name and email address, you only have to provide the necessary payment details for the deposit. That’s it!

Withdrawal and Deposits

The News Spy facilitates withdrawals within 24 hours. All deposits reflect in the user trading account instantly.


There are scams out there that not only are designed to make you lose funds, but they do not even tell you about some of the fees you have to pay on the platform. News Spy does not have any fees –  no registration fees, no broker fees, no commissions.

User Testimonials

The News Spy provides some video reviews in which real users briefly talk about their experiences of trading with the software. All of them seem enthusiastic about it and although they do not mention how much they have earned on the platform. The testimonials appear to be real.

Customer Service

Feel free to contact a member of staff at any point. You can do that by clicking on the “contact us” section of the website, where you will find all the available ways you can contact the support staff. They are very friendly and helpful.


News Spy is an auto trading bot and as such, funds go through stockbrokers for the investments to be placed. That basically means that before getting to the asset, your funds go from the News Spy platform and pass by the brokers available in your country of residence. All the brokers associated with News Spy appear to be regulated and reliable.

The News Spy Review – Test Results Explained!

The first thing a trader looks for in a review about a trade asset or trading platform is whether it is fraudulent or not. This is so because nobody wants to invest their money on a platform with hopes of high ROI only to be caught up in a nasty experience where profits are retracted and at the end of the day, the capital also can’t be withdrawn.

It is absolutely normal in trading systems for total losses to occur, however, these losses should be caused by market changes that were unpredictable. But, in a situation where this loss is a result of the fraudulent service of the provider, this is definitely a disaster as trust was betrayed.

A close observation of all available reports, web analysis, and test reports suggest that The News Spy robot is likely to be a trustworthy system.  Also, security is guaranteed in this system as the various tests suggest that all the integrated brokers are regulated.

Our conclusion is based on an analysis of users reviews and therefore should not be taken as a guarantee of profitability.

The best choice88% Claimed Win Rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Credit Card

Why trade with The News Spy?

If you are not sure about trading with the News Spy, you can, of course, have a look at other robots that we believe to be reliable, such as Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Code. If you want to know more about the News Spy and why trading with it is a good idea, we have put together a brief list :

  • The News Spy appears to be suitable for all kinds of users. There is no need for you to be a professional investor or a finance expert to use this bot. That is actually the whole purpose of an auto-trading system: to facilitate the trading experience and make it accessible to users of all backgrounds. That is why the trading platform is so simple to use but has all the necessary tools to follow investment strategies.
  • Software sophistication. The algorithm the News Spy is based on is said to allow the system to make profitable trades for you within seconds. The trades are never random or lucky. The robot is capable of analysing shifts in the market and financial news in real-time and places trades accordingly. The News Spy robot assures that whenever the trades are placed you are likely to see returns because of their reported success rate of above 80%. Once again, we have not tested the robot and therefore cannot guarantee the truthfulness of these claims.
  • Demo account available. If you want, you have the option of trying a demo account first. We advise users to try trading in demo mode first, no matter how experienced they may be. If you are new to a platform, it is always good to get familiar with the software before involving real money in your trading experience.
  • Dedicated customer support. Customer support is often not considered when reviewers test platforms. We believe it to be one of the most important aspects of a trading platform because that is who you go to whenever you have a problem. If the service is not good enough, it could ruin your whole trading experience. The customer support services at the News Spy appear to be of a high standard and great professionalism. You can contact them 24/7 via email and they will respond really quickly.

Can You Make Money With the News Spy?

According to user testimonials and reviews, it is possible to make money with this software. Of course, we are not sure how much exactly.  Bear in mind that there is always a risk to lose capital on platforms like this. That is why we have made a list of a few things you should do before you start,  to counterbalance the risks involved.

  1.  Start small – Start trading with small amounts and allow yourself to have enough time to understand how the platform works. The minimum you are required to deposit to start trading is $250 and that is where you should start from. If you see that you are making money you can increase your deposit amounts gradually.
  2.  Withdraw your profits – Whenever you make money, make sure you withdraw at least 25% of it and keep it. Do not invest everything you earn because you risk losing it.
  3.  Follow the expert’s advice – If you are not sure what trading settings to have on the News Spy, you can have a look at online videos and tutorials on the best strategies to adopt. Just use the one you think is best for you and give it a try, if it does not work, move on to the next one. Try to be patient, you may not see returns right at the beginning, especially if you are new to the crypto world.
  4.  Only invest what You can afford to lose. This is very important. Please invest amounts that will not affect your financial circumstances. Invest amounts that you are prepared to lose and that will not have an impact on your life in any way. Of course, the more you invest the more you can earn, but please do that within the limits of your financial possibilities.
 Feel free to check out our bitcoin robot page to discover more reliable robots.

Is The News Spy Scam or Legit

A quick check on the News Spy system website tells what the platform is all about and the following are notable observations.

  • It is observed that the News Spy app avails its users access to a free demo account to help allay their fears and also familiarize them with the trading platform and its functionalities.
  • As a beginner, the News Spy website interface is quite user-friendly and the system’s usability appears to be good.
  • The robot reportedly has a high return on investment (ROI) trading with a News Spy account.
  • In case of withdrawals, every News Spy account is eligible for withdrawal at any time, 24/7. For additional information about this trading bot, try out the software using this link.

Does The News Spy have a mobile app?

We have tried to search for a mobile app supporting the robot but we were unable to find one. This is not a problem though because the software runs on the browser, meaning that you can access it from any smartphone with an Internet connection.

The News Spy Review: The Verdict!

This trading system functionality is reportedly a product of the automation of various news collections and human analysis. The combination is a very impressive technology as there is no system comparable to it with respect to dealing intensively with the news. This technology delivers accurate messages through which users can profit in trading.

Secondly, the software’s analysis team is said to comprise a large number of technical analysts who are experts in cryptocurrency trading. This level of expertise puts the trading platform above several other automated trading platforms.

Thirdly, its website offers a user-friendly interface. This is a platform that does all the work for the trader. This helps the trader to enjoy ample time while the software is concerned with how to react to market trends and news to place accurate trades

The best choice88% Claimed Win Rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Credit Card

All trading carries risk

Remember that all investment opportunities carry a certain risk. This especially applies to cryptocurrencies, which are still relatively young in the financial markets.


How much money can I make trading on The News Spy?

We cannot guarantee a certain amount since we have not done a live test. However, from the reviews we have come across, there is a likelihood of making a sustainable daily profit using this robot.

Isn’t this Affiliate Marketing?

No, this isn’t in any way affiliate marketing. The News Spy is only a web service tool that provides cryptocurrency trading insights for traders.

How much time is needed to effectively trade?

You only need about 15 minutes daily as the News Spy tool allegedly does all the trading automatically.

How much does The News Spy License cost?

The News Spy License cost $0.

How efficient are withdrawals?

All withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours.