Immediate Edge Review | Comprehensive Sign Up Guide !!

What Is Immediate Edge? Review Overview

If you are new to crypto-trading, you might be wondering what a trading robot is. Simply put, a trading robot is a set of intelligent algorithms that carry out all the functions of a professional crypto trader.

Algorithms are usually more accurate than humans, given that they can derive insights from big data and execute trades within microseconds. Moreover, they eliminate human emotions from trades by following a given trading strategy consistently.

Advanced trading robots such as Immediate Edge App rely on cutting edge technologies, especially in AI, ML, NLP, and Blockchain. These technologies not only ensure accuracy but also make it possible for the bot to improve itself.

Furthermore, they make it possible for the robot to carry both the technical and fundamental analysis with high speed and accuracy. For instance, the Immediate Edge App can supersonically analyze tens of thousands of trading charts and place corresponding trades.

Regarding fundamental analysis, the Immediate Edge robot claims it can read news within microseconds of their occurrence and act a split of a second before the markets. This explains why the bot allegedly can maintain high profitability throughout the day. Remember that all this happens automatically meaning that you do not need to know anything about trading to trade with the robot.

How does Immediate Edge Platform work?

The Immediate Edge partners with regulated brokers to offer what is called margin trading. This form of trading involves using borrowed funds to magnify trades. The partner brokers, in collaboration with Immediate Edge, offer a leverage of up to 1:1000.

Consequently, traders can place trades worth up to 1000 times their trading capital. A trading account with a deposit of $250 can make trades worth up to $250k. This explains why Immediate Edge Software claims it can generate daily profits of up to $1500 from a deposit as low as $500.

It is important to note that high leverage also translates to magnified losses. While the Immediate Edge App has an accuracy level of above 90%, it can lead to huge losses. A single bad trade is enough to wipe out a trading account. Immediate Edge System allows traders to define their risk-threshold by specifying the amount they are willing to risk per trade.

You should only risk a maximum of ten percent per trade. We cannot stress enough on the importance of only trading with what you can afford to lose.

Is Immediate Edge legit? CryptoVibes findings

The Immediate Edge appears to be a legit trading robot. Here are some of its main features and benefits:

  • Immediate Edge App reportedly has been consistently profitable, as shown in the review of users’ feedback.
  • We have conducted a background investigation of info on their site and found user testimonials that claim it is accurate.
  • Most of the reviews we have come across reveal that the Immediate Edge platform is easy to use.
  • Their customer service is highly efficient. We did a live test and confirmed that they respond within a minute. Moreover, they are available 24/7.
  • The Immediate Edge app is secure. They have all the necessary measures in place to ensure data privacy.

The Immediate Edge System is considered by many among the best robots in the market today. We find this robot to perform almost the same with Bitcoin Rush, another top bitcoin robot. Read the review of Bitcoin Rush for more information.

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*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.

How to Register with Immediate Edge Software?

The Immediate Edge registration process is simple, straightforward, and secure. You only need less than 10 minutes to create an account and start trading. Immediate Edge is a fully auto bot and is therefore accessible to everyone.

You do not need to understand trading lingo to use Immediate Edge. The following steps will get you started with this robot.

STEP ONE: Fill the Signup form

Visit the Immediate Edge home page and register your name, phone number, and email in the provided form. You will be asked to verify your phone number via a text code and email through a link. CryptoVibes can ascertain that the Immediate Edge registration process is secure.

Their site is SSL secured to ensure that hackers cannot steal personal data submitted through it. Immediate Edge cyber safety policy states that they are GDPR adherent. This means that they handle your data with strict privacy.

STEP TWO: Get matched with a broker

The Immediate Edge Software then matches you with one of their partner brokers. The role of the broker is to receive deposits and facilitate transactions. We have determined that Immediate Edge only partners with regulated brokers.

With a regulated broker, they guarantee that your money is safe. Reputable regulators such as the FCA, FSB, ASIC, and CySEC require brokers to segregate deposits and submit periodic reports on deposit usage.

STEP THREE: Deposit $250

You need a deposit of at least $250 to trade with Immediate Edge. Do not confuse this amount with the cost of the robot. Immediate Edge does not require any license fee. The owners of this robot make money by charging a small commission on the profits generated through the app.

Deposits with Immediate Edge should be made through Wire Transfer, Visa, and MasterCard. It takes a few seconds for a deposit to reflect in a trader’s account. Immediate Edge does not charge any deposit fees.

STEP FOUR: Demo trading

The Immediate Edge does provide a demo account to help traders familiarize themselves with its web-trader. CryptoVibes recommends that you do demo trading before going to live to trade. Please note that the demo is for demonstrative purposes only.

The results you receive on the platform are based on historical data and may therefore not reflect what you will get in live trading.

STEP FIVE: Live trading

The Immediate Edge live trader comes with features to help you define the amount of risk you are willing to take per trade. You need to go through the demo account to familiarize with these features.  As mentioned severally in this review, you do not need specialized skills to use this robot.

Live trading with Immediate Edge involves determining the amount of capital you intend to risk per trade and clicking the live button. Read our review of Bitcoin Trader for another easy to use robot.

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*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.

How to get the most out of Immediate Edge App

We have identified the following tips as paramount in ensuring that you make the most of Immediate Edge.

  1. Start with a deposit of $250 – Given the level of risk involved in trading with Immediate Edge, you should start with a small investment.
  2. Follow crypto market news – You need to determine the type of news that drives volatility high and capitalize on them. Immediate Edge claims to make the most profits during high market volatility.
  3. Trade for 8 hours per day – According to Immediate Edge, trading for at least eight hours per day will help maximize profits. Immediate Edge is entirely auto, and hence you can leave the robot running as you continue with your daily errands. You do not need more than twenty minutes per day to monitor your account.
  4. Close trading sessions at the end of the day – Leaving open positions overnight is likely to translate to losses since the markets can change significantly overnight. It is better to close sessions even if in the negative and start trading again the next day. With a proper risk management strategy, there is no need to worry about periodic losses.

Immediate Edge App Review: The Verdict!

Following our review we find Immediate Edge to be legit. However, traders should take extra caution, given that this bot comes at a degree of risk. While the app claims it is possible to make profits of up to 50% per day, you can also lose the entire deposit within seconds. This is not unexpected for a high-frequency trading robot.

We recommend that you apply the necessary risk management measures. As a rule of thumb do not risk more than 10% of your trading capital per trade. Also, never trade with an amount you cannot afford to lose. It is prudent to start small and add money as you get conversant with the different features on the platform.

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*Remember all trading risks and you shouldn’t risk more then you can afford to lose.


Is Immediate Edge Software Worth a try?

Immediate Edge is legit, and the platform is active and real. User testimonials claim that this bot is worth a try.

How much should I deposit with Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge accepts a minimum deposit of $250

How much profit can I earn with Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge reports daily profits of up to 50%. The bot claims that a $250 trading account can make up to $200 in profits daily.

Can I withdraw my profits from Immediate Edge?

Yes! With Immediate Edge, there are no withdrawal limitations or charges. Your money will reflect in your account in 24 hours after filling the request form.