$381 million Bitcoin hard drive dumped, recovery efforts begin

An IT professional dumped a hard drive that contained $381 million worth of Bitcoin in 2013. He realized what he had done in 2021 and began to recover the enormous fortune he had lost. He has now been sponsored by a billionaire hedge-fund to assist in his recovery. They will provide all the equipment necessary to search for and recover Bitcoins. The hedge fund will receive a percentage of the coins that are recovered.

The recovery

The IT professional will use a variety of technologies to search the landfill. These technologies include X-rays and AI machines. This IT professional is trying to make the search successful. To make this search successful, he has already reached out to professionals around the world.

It is not clear if he will be capable of finding the hard drive. It has been eight years since he last tossed the hard drive. He is now purchasing equipment to help him search. Although the apparatus might cost him $1 million, it is nothing compared with what he receives on a successful recovery.

He added that experts are available to ensure that the operation is safe. They will use x-ray equipment and algorithms, along with conveyor belts, to identify items similar in size and density to the hard drive. They will soon locate the drive. However, even in such a scenario, it is crucial that the item not be managed so that recovery can occur.

James’s conversation with the council

James also tried to reach the city council to allow him to dig the site. They are willing to fork out $70 million. He claims that these officials won’t listen to him. He has never been allowed to speak to them and to present his case. He just wants to explain his situation and talk with them, even if they say no.

What do you think about the attempt to recover the $381 million Bitcoin hard disk? Do you believe it would succeed? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you find our content useful, please share it with friends.

Savannah Sanchez

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